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Blue & White Store, Azabu – Top Japanese Craft Boutique

blue and white

***January 7, 2017 *** The Blue & White store is temporarily closed while they move to a new spot in the neighborhood.  The store is planning to reopen in Spring 2017.

Amy Katoh opened the Blue & White Store over 35 years ago promoting Japanese crafts and lifestyle of years past. Besides the Blue & White Store, she has written many books that long-time expats cherish for ideas when they visit Japanese craft stores and flea markets. Indigo and sashiko, yukata and tenugui are carefully chosen to highlight the beauty of the blue and white tradition of Japan. I have shopped at Amy’s store for years and am the happy owner of Sashiko tablemats and a fun fish wall hanging that is perfect in the beach house. If you love blue and white, Japanese craft and people who are passionate about Japanese traditions you must visit Blue & White in Azabu.

Sashiko (刺し子, literally means “little stabs”) is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching from Japan. Traditionally used to reinforce points of wear, or to repair worn places or tears with patches, this running stitch technique is often used for purely decorative purposes in quilting and embroidery. The white cotton thread on the traditional indigo blue cloth gives sashiko its distinctive appearance though decorative items sometimes use red thread.

Tenugui (手拭い) is a thin Japanese hand towel made of cotton.  It is typically about 35 by 90 centimeters in size, plain woven and is almost always dyed with some pattern.  It can be used for anything a towel could be used for – as a washcloth, dishcloth, but often as a headband, souvenir or decoration.

Here are some of Amy Katoh’s wonderful books available on Amazon.co.jp!


blue and white blue and white blue and white

blue and whiteJust my opinion

  • Merchandise: wide range of clothing, slippers, and quilts made from Japanese blue and white fabric, also ceramics
  • Price: very wide spectrum
  • Service: Very knowledgeable and friendly
  • Gift-wrap: Available
  • Child friendliness: Staff is very child friendly, although the store is narrow and has stairs so it is not stroller friendly

Blue & White Store Details

Address: 2-9-2 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3451-0537
Hours: Open Daily 11:00 – 18:00
Website: http://blueandwhitetokyo.com/

blue and white
Store front
Blue and white
Shelves filled with treasures
Blue and White
Beautiful blue and white ceramics
Blue and white
Fabrics and wears









Blue & White Store, Azabu Juban


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