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Birthday Party, Tokyo

Birthday Party, TokyoWe celebrated Andrew`s 1st birthday with all his close friends at Gymboree in Jiyuugaoka. The kids enjoyed free play on their colorful equipment, enjoyed listening to music, played with toys and had cake. It`s a great place to celebrate your infant`s birthday.

Birthday Party, Tokyo

Gymboree Website: http://www.gymboree.jp/en/parties/index.html

Birthday Party, TokyoAdditional party venues for your little ones:
My Gym
Legoland             ( * My visit here)
Kinder Base       (* My experience here)
Skip Kids            (* My visit here)
TAC (Tokyo American Club) *membership required

At home:
Let`s Party Tokyo
Mr. Magicio

birthday akt 2Party Supplies:
Tokyo Party Fun
Tuxedo Bear in Nishi Azabu
National Azabu in Hiroo
Purple Eye Party Supplies


We purchased his birthday cake at Ecole Criollo in Nakameguro (Japanese only). Lots of other options here.
Birthday Party, Tokyo Cake Fairy
Cookie Hound
Bella`s Cupcakes
Baskin Robbins
Rakuten Birthday PRESS


Birthday Party, Tokyo

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Birthday Party in Tokyo



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